Litchfield, July 2017


Click for 23 pics in Google Photos.  A coach trip from Darwin to Litchfield National Park,  Northern Territory.


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Hervey Bay Charity Yacht Race

Click for 20 pictures

Click for 20 pics in Picasa.
The Harbour View caravan park is over the road from the Hervey Bay Boat Club. We went to the charity yacht race Calcutta on Saturday night, then out to see the race on Sunday. We didn’t get a boat but several folk that we met on the night did, so we had an interest in the race results. It was a handicap start with yachts crossing the start line individually, and then if the handicapper was perfect they would all finish together. The starting line was from the starting boat to the end of the very long Urangan Pier. There were strong winds left over from the extreme weather that moved South on Saturday. None of “our” boats won. The winning yacht “Sly Little Bear” broke a rudder board right at the end, and there was quite a bit of damage evident, with five out of thirteen boats withdrawing from the race. Nevertheless the sailors were clearly enjoying the challenge, and it was a great day out for us safe and sound on the whale watching catamaran “Freedom III”.

And a 3 minute video

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Meandering to Moree, May 2016

Click for 30 pictures

Click for 30 pics in Picasa.
Destination Moree Thermal Pools at the Gwydir Carapark. Convoy to Cowra, Coonabarabran, Warrumbungle National Park, Moree, and Cranky Rock Nature Reserve. It was a great trip, thanks to all and looking forward to next year. 15-22 May 2016 convoy.

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Los Angeles, June 2014

Click for 15 pics in Picasa. Greetings from LA International Airport, ready to board our flight for home. We had 2 nights in the glorious warm sunshine of Los Angeles, to soak up some warmth before our 15 hour flight. We leave at 10pm tonight Tuesday here, and arrive in Sydney 6am Thursday.

Actually, going straight from Alaska to Canberra might have been a better idea, to make Canberra’s winter feel warm.

We walked along the pier at Manhatten Beach, then walked to the next beach along, Hermosa Beach. Classic southern California beaches with volleyball, surfers, sunbathers, cyclists, roller-bladers and us walkers. And a Goodyear Blimp.

There was an aquarium at the end of the pier at Manhatten Beach. The pic shows three sea horses at the acquarium. And there’s a picture of our hotel in LA.

But all good things must come to an end. It’s been fantastic but now we are looking forward to being back with family and friends, and getting back into the swing of things. It’s only been nine weeks but it feels like a
lot longer to us.

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Wasilla Alaska, June 2014

Click for 7 pics in Picasa. “The Iditarod” is a sled dog race that covers 1049 miles through remote Alaska. It is named after the remote town of Iditarod that is along the route. The race is run by a small army of volunteers and teams come from around the world to compete.

The Iditarod HQ is in Wasilla. Our guide Claudia who over-winters in Alaska when all the other guides go off to Hawaii and suchlike, is a volunteer helping on one station along the route.

It’s more than 1049 miles but they use that number because Alaska is the 49th state of the USA.

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Inside Passage, June 2014

Click for 31 pics in Picasa. We sailed from Haines calling at Juneau and Ketchikan then through the Inside Passage to Vancouver. We both had colds in the early few days so our on-board dancing activities were curtailed, wanting to keep our germs to ourselves. However we joined in a “Dancing with the Stars” activity later in the voyage. Barbara came 4th in her waltz sequence to the Tennessee Waltz, and Lance came 3rd in the Cha Cha section!?!

A narrow escape really because the first and second placegetters had to dance with the stars on stage in the grand finale on the last night on board. They scrubbed up well and did a great job, and we would have done it, but were happier sitting back and admiring for once. It was a big production with rehearsal etc. Turning play into work.

Great food and entertainment on board, and interesting stops and views and wildlife along the way.

In the photos there is a bellows operated fog-horn and a real (not stuffed) Eagle.

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Glacier Bay Alaska, June 2014

Click for 38 pics in Picasa. We sailed North up Glacier Bay to the Margarita Glacier. Lots of wildlife including whales, seals and bald eagles very close to the ship. Lots of other glaciers along the way as well, but we spent an hour watching the Margarita Glacier.

The glacier was “calving” – shedding big blocks of ice every few minutes. The silence was broken by rumbling like thunder and sharp cracks as the ice crashed from the end of the glacier into Glacier Bay.

It was very cold, but invigorating and certainly never a dull moment the whole day.

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