Dubai June 2011

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Dubai was just a stopover but we felt like we had had a long holiday and had been away from home for months. Highlights were a dinner cruise on a Dhow on (large salt-water) Dubai Creek, a City tour around the creek and the old area that was all there was about thirty years ago, the original fort made with blocks of coral, and to an enormous shopping centre to see the skiers with our own eyes – there they were disappearing into the fog on the chairlift, a nice cool place to be even outside the glass walls, with the temperature outside the Mall around 44 degrees. You can book a hotel room with windows opening out to the skiers flashing by in a field of white. In the middle of the desert where it has only rained twice in the last two years and temperatures routinely reach 50 degrees in summer. The whole place is just remarkable (or mad).

The Skytrain that took us out to the “Mall of the Emirates” took us right next to the world’s tallest building, and lots of skyscrapers springing from the desert. We are used to big buildings being surrounded by concrete jungles, not sandy paddocks.

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