Arles, July 2011

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22 pics. Arles on the Rhône in the South of France. The bullfight stadium, obelisk, settings for Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings “Le Jardin de la Maison de Sante a Arles” and “Le Café le Soir” (1888). Ancient olive trees, and Chateau des Baux overlooking Provence right down to the sea.

The conclusion of the Uniworld “Grand France” river cruising tour. There were lots of lovely French villages along the way, wonderful river cruise with attentive staff and a totally involving itinerary. Not a dull moment in the whole trip.

We visited Burgundy and enjoyed the wine, walked around medieval villages and amazing 2000 year old Roman ruins, visited olive farms and old monasteries and aqueducts , enjoyed a wonderful culinary
experience (ie ate too much food), saw animals in a Circus in Arles, saw damage caused by WW2 , experienced the ambiance of Provence and had a great time.

It was interesting to walk in the footsteps of the French artists, Monet’s gardens, Van Gogh’s cafe (you had to imagine the starry night but the cafe was as in the painting) and lots of artistic references and experiences.

It was lovely having good company on the cruise, and a bit strange being just the two of us again as we disembarked from the River Princess in Arles.

(A) Arles

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