Hanoi, October 2012

Click for 51 pics in Picasa. A 2 hr walking tour with guide through the old quarter of Hanoi. Markets, last remaining city gate. Open air markets, mad traffic, overload of sights, sounds and smells. Fascinating. A long way from Coles Jamison.

Click for a 57 sec YouTube Video.

The day of our arrival in Hanoi. Bit of a culture shock but we covered quite a few
kilometres on foot around our hotel. The traffic has to be experienced
to be believed. Pedestrian crossings mean nothing, red lights mean
little, you just have to walk calmly across and they dodge you.

The still camera couldn’t do it justice, so we uploaded 57
seconds of video, just to give a little of the flavour. This is
outside our hotel in mid-afternoon. It was much worse when we came
home that way at dusk.

We made it to Ngoc Som Temple (1883) on an island in Hoan Kiem Lake,
lovely setting, but decided to eat in the hotel dining room that night.
Really flash, excellent food but expensive – about $8 for a main
course, double the going rate down the street.

Next day we went for a walk around the block. Very big block and
found the footpath totally blocked off for a wedding. Marquee in front
of the restaurant and guests spilling out onto the road, with the
motorbikes, cars and passers by like us.

Everyone friendly, noone run over, everyone considerate and careful.

Then, around the corner, school was out. Hundreds of parents on motor
bikes picking up hundreds of kids. A great jolly jumble.

Click for 11 Pics in Picasa – a wedding, and schools out.

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