Charleville & Cunnamulla, July 2013

Charleville & Cunnamulla, July 2013

Click for 30 pics. Charleville was great, lovely clear sunny days and wondrous starry nights with lots to see and do.
Did you know that the USA had a secret air force base during WW2 at Charleville? They did and they flew B-17 bombers to the battle of the Coral Sea. We went and had a look and it was very interesting, there were 3,500 airmen and their families based there. It must have been very cold for them in winter and extremely hot during summer as they all lived in tents. The legacy of this air base can still be seen in Charleville because the hospital was upgraded, and they were given improved roads and a better airport during WW2.

We visited the Flying Doctor Service and an old hotel which was once renown for its dances and grand parties and famous people such as the aviator Amy Johnson staying there.

The “Save the Bilby” base is in Charleville, it was fascinating to see them, they are so cute but unfortunately you can only see them at night and it was impossible to take photos of them.

We stayed at a very lovely outback style caravan park called “Bailey Bar” and enjoyed the best camp oven dinners around an open fire. Caravan parks out west are full of “young” folks like us the “Grey well almost white nomads” having lots of fun We were told at the park in Emerald that about 30,000 caravan head to Longreach and surrounds every year.

You may enjoy the photo of 2 “outback fellas” in the street at Charleville. Lance loves his outback hat.

Driving through outback country side we reached Cunnamulla where we stayed by the river about 6kms out of town, so peaceful and quiet.


1) Longreach, 2) Isisford, 3) Blackall 4) Charleville, 5) Cunnamulla.

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