Lancaster Pennsylvania, May 2014

Click for 21 pics in Picasa. You can tell the Old Order Amish houses and farms in Pennsylvania because they have no power or telephone. They say these wires would “connect them to the outside world”. They buy in bottled gas that they may use for heating, cooking and lighting. Their homes are immaculate and their farms looked prosperous and well kept.

There are innumerable compromises. We were there on a Sunday when they were all at their three hour Sunday service held in someone’s home or barn using seating brought in by horse and carriage on the Friday before. They are not allowed to work on Sunday, but there are compromises. Cows have to be miked, tourists have to be allowed to buy and “experience” the Amish way. So, they do essential daily work like milking cows and serving (pre-cooked) meals, and their paid non-Amish driver runs the tour. The Amish may not own or drive cars, but they can hire others to drive them around to appointments, etc. They do use their horse wagons whenever they can, like through the drive-in bank and for shopping.

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