Niagara Falls, May 2014

Click for 16 pics in Picasa. An inspiring show of power by nature. Niagara Falls is wet but awesome. A highlight of our trip. We went aboard the Hornblower boat right up to the falls and had a great deal of fun. Our boat is down the bottom right of the photo, with lots of folk wearing red ponchos up on the top deck.

We had lunch at an Irish pub in the tacky main street right opposite the falls, like sideshow alley with very noisy rides etc. Dinner was in the much more pleasant environment of the Red Lobster just near our hotel a little further away. Grilled lobster, crab and “shrimp” (prawns), with salad and “biscuits” (scones). A giant serving that we shared and still had trouble finishing. A lovely meal but it never ceases to amaze, the size of the servings over here.

On the Canadian side of the falls, but next stop Lancaster in Pennsylvanian Amish Country, back in the USA.

And a video: The falls and Hornblower boat.  (4 min):


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