Toronto, May 2014

Click for 10 pics in Picasa. Toronto in Canada and a lovely park (Queen’s Park).with the state capital building built in 1893. The much more modern City Hall precinct with its nail mural – more than 100,000 nails representing the city layout. There’s a lot of moose sculptures around, left over from a “Moose in the City” art project. We found our way to Chinatown as we often do because of Barbara’s dietary requirements and our preference. We lunched in a huge and authentic Chinese eatery where we were the only ones of European appearance, always a good sign. Lance had a huge bowl of the house special soup – complete with pigs trotter, heart, brain, tripe, etc. Putting those bits aside after a tiny taste it was a great soup. Cost $7. Barbara had chicken congee.. yum,yum.

We went on a city tour that extended out to some wealthy residential areas, amazing homes in leafy suburbs, and past the huge and rapidly growing condominiums (where each apartment is owned rather than being rented from a building owner). Lots of very old buildings but also new building everywhere.


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