Washington DC, May 2014

Click for 57 pics in Picasa. It’s amazing to actually see the various spacecraft that they have at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, particularly to be able to see inside them. In the picture is the first spacecraft to orbit the Earth. In 1962, we (Barbara and Lance) met and John Glenn flew in orbit three times around the world in the “Friendship 7” spacecraft pictured, before splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean. And the Smithsonian has a remarkable collection of planes all the way from the Wright Brothers, and trains and cars and art and Americana like Dorothy’s ruby shoes from the Wizard of Oz movie, and all the First Ladies’ Inauguration Ball Gowns. All free entry, our kind of price.

The Smithsonian is huge, lots of buildings, and you could easily spend a week there. But there are other sights to see and so we saw them. The Capitol building, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Arlington with JFK’s grave, the Korean and Vietnam memorials, the Pentagon, and all the other sights.

Interesting to compare to Canberra as a national capital.

And a video: “House I” a sculpture by Roy Lichtenstein at the Washington National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. The eyes don’t follow you – the whole house follows you. Unbelievable. (52 sec):
“http://youtu.be/Y8R6hUZ1eVc “


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