New Orleans, May 2014

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New Orleans has been British, French, Spanish, and American and it shows in an eclectic mix of culture, architecture, food and music. Particularly in the “French Quarter”. Our hotel was on Bourbon Street right in the middle of that quarter, and when we arrived at 1:30am in the morning the party was in full swing. We had a great room with a balcony that was part of the party, but in view of us being up since 5:30am their time, and the cacophony expected to go till 4am or when the last partygoers went home, we decided to forgo a great party and move to a quiet room.

We had a great night’s sleep and when we went off to the 24 hour diner for breakfast at 9am, the streets were deserted apart from the garbage collectors and the street-hoser-downers. Looks like the French Quarter starts at about lunch time and closes whenever.

On our second night we had a long walk and found that our hotel is in the rowdiest section (thank goodness for our quiet room), and other sections were more sophisticated with folks walking the streets sipping on their fine wines rather than yard long plastic Daiquiris, and more of our style of music – Cajun etc. Lovely architecture with flower bedecked balconies and hanging baskets.

$3 for an all day pass on the trolley cars and and we saw most of the city, and next day a guided tour for the narrative. New Orleans is still showing the effects of Hurricane Katrina with the population maybe 70,000 less than before, but still a great place to visit, full of music full of life.

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