Prince William Sound, June 2014

Click for 35 pics in Picasa. Massive Alaskan glaciers keep flowing all year round (at glacial speed) down to the Prince William Sound, and when they get there they “calve”, sending great lumps of ice crashing into the water. The Columbia Glacier covers more than 1,000 square kilometres and
is 550 metres thick. The face of the glacier, where the icebergs come from, is about 11 kilometers wide. It’s big, really big.

Apart from the snow covered mountains and dodging smallish icebergs, we were kept enthralled by a variety of wildlife.

We were watching for, and saw, humpback whales, beluga whales, killer whales, sea otters lounging on icebergs, jumping salmon, salmon being hauled up by trawlers’ nets, sea eagles, mountain sheep and goats, dalls porpoise, harbour seals, and various other interesting birds and animals.

All in all a magical day on the waters of Prince William Sound, while travelling from Anchorage to Valdez in Alaska. The first day of the Cosmos Tour 8363 "Alaska and the Yukon with Alaska Cruise (Inside Passage) Extension"

And a video, Prince William Sound (1 min):


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