Fairbanks Alaska, June 2014

Click for 23 pics in Picasa. The air force base would have to be the biggest thing in Fairbanks Alaska, but we weren’t allowed to take photos of that. The new housing being built along the Tanana River was interesting, retired pilot with floatplane dock out the front, that sort of thing. The local guide knew all about each property on the river and who was doing what, and their life history.

The couple living in an green old riverboat (on the right in the pic) while building a flash new house were quite young and enterprising apparently.

The houses along the river ranged all the way from isolated log cabins to mansions. Even the largest were energy-efficient with insulation and triple-glazed windows to save on the energy bills. Still, they managed to include the essentials, like a Californian Hot Tub on the front verandah overlooking the river.

It was a leisurely cruise on the Chena and Tanana rivers on the sternwheeler riverboat “Discovery III” out of Fairbanks Alaska. Along the way, traditional skills presented in a high tech way. On-shore presenters with radio mikes and on-board big screens, giving a close-up view of the demonstrations at stops along the way, and there was plenty of room on the railings for those who prefer a live view. Our destination was a village and the chance to learn a little about native Alaskan life then and now.

The dog teams were not all the huskies that we expected. They use mixed breeds for racing, selected for their ability rather than appearance. All the dogs were sociable and would come over for a pat. A great day on the river and ashore.

And 3 videos:

1) Float Plane taking off between our boat and the shore. (26 sec): http://youtu.be/jeAxJV_OJj0

2) Dog sled demonstration (27 sec): http://youtu.be/Zbj0earTQbc

3) Fairbanks Village Talk (1 min): http://youtu.be/2F7Yxci2rpQ


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