Alaskan Wilderness Express, June 2014

Click for 23 pics in Picasa. The short summer season in Alaska is a great opportunity for an explosion of brightly coloured flowers. Those in the pic were as we were leaving our hotel in Fairbanks but there were flowers everywhere in Alaska. Even though they had to be watered at least twice a day because of the long daylight.

We caught the Wilderness Express from Fairbanks to Denali, a four hour trip. Very civilised with an excellent Barrista / Barman and all mod cons in a domed observation car. Warm and cosy inside, freezing outside. We have heard the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” many times during our stay in Alaska, and it’s apt even in summer.

We saw braided glacial rivers and deep gorges with rapids. Perfect for rafting, if you are courageous.

And finally as we arrived in Denali, a Moose standing in a lake. Perfect ending for a fantastic journey.


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